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West Pittston High School Alumni Plan ‘Giant’ Reunion
 “School days, school days good old golden rule days.” That refrain is coming to life in West Pittston as a group of West Pittston High School graduates revives the venerable old school’s alumni association.
“Over the past five months, nearly forty alumni have been working to form a new West Pittston High School Alumni Association,” said Craig Robertson, one of the founders and first president of the association. “We are motivated by a desire to preserve and pass on the heritage of our school and our community during the 90 years West Pittston High School served the community.”
Robertson started the effort by reaching out to a few people he knew from his own Class of 1965 and friends of his two older brothers, Steve and Bill. Those people suggested others; Cliff Melberger, ‘57, provided a meeting room; and soon an enthusiastic group representing classes from the 1940s through the 1960s was meeting regularly to recruit class representatives, draft bylaws, incorporate as a non-profit organization, and start planning for a giant reunion scheduled for Oct. 22. The group found class representatives and registrars for every class from 1944 to 1966, into the first three years of the Wyoming Area jointure and beyond.
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